Freedom : This is the first word which comes to my mind after observing the atmosphere in Pragnya Montessori House of Children. Unlike the conventional school atmosphere, which we have seen in our childhood, it is very different kind of feeling experienced here.

Discipline : This is the second important thing which I have observed right from the beginning I entered into the environment. It is an amazing thing, especially when it comes to very young children, that too, in a collective group maintaining such type of discipline. Usually we expect things in a haphazard manner when a group of children are present.

Enthusiasm : I observe that all children are very enthusiastic to learn and do their work interestingly. More importantly, the enthusiasm is within the child and is not brought by external force from teachers.

Dedication : This is the best word which I can ascertain to the staff (both teaching and non-teaching). Even I doubt about my dedication in my teaching profession, but not in Montessori environment.

After my observation to-day, I really feel happy that I have taken a correct decision to join my ward in a Montessori atmosphere rather than going for a conventional convent school.

Many congratulations to all the staff and the management. All best wishes in your future endeavours.

Dr. R. Suman
Father of R. Pranava Sai

My first observation of Montessori children is, they are doing the activities on their own not disturbing others. Doing their activities quietly in a disciplined way. Children are able to identify and understand the activities very clearly.

The way they are doing their work independently, reduce their dependency and increase their individuality. Lot of care and interest shown by teachers towards children will definitely improve interest and understanding capacity.

Teachers are very patient and pleasant with children which will increase and bind up the relation strongly so that children are free to express everything. I observe that all children are happy while doing their activities and while learning.

And at the end, we are very happy that we have chosen the Montessori method of education to our son.

K. Mrunalini
Mother of K. Harshith

Montessori Method of teaching is very interesting. Every child is enjoying their work. I really I like this method very much and I enjoyed the method of doing their activities.

The way the teacher is guiding each and every child is very good and interesting. All the children are doing their work freely and independently. They are feeling the Montessori environment just like their home environment. The teaching methodology what I observed here is totally different. Every child is logical in their work.

About my daughter: She is very keen towards her work. She is keeping back the equipment in the same place where from she has taken. Even at home also she keeps the things back in its original place. She is very disciplined at home. She can tell all her friends names.

I am very glad for joining my child in Pragnya Montessori House of Children.

Mother of Nitya Sri

I like Pragnya Montessori because its teaching method is different from others. I like the way the teachers taking care of children. I found that the children are enjoying their work including my daughter and I am happy about it. The important thing what I observed is that the children are doing their work happily with their own interest without any force from others.

About my daughter: Whatever she learns at school, she explains to us at home acting like a teacher.

All credit goes to Pragnya Montessori House of Children and I wish them all the best.

Mother of Ravali

With lot of doubts in mind we got our child into Montessori Environment one and half years ago. Today, we are totally satisfied that it is the right place for our child, in fact for any child to begin his/her education in such a child-centric environment. We are very much amazed with the little things our daughter does. She is a very organized little girl now, and I give all the credit to Pragnya.

Veena Bobba

One of the best Montessori schools in Hyderabad for the people who want thier kids to be honest, ethical and strong individuals in future. Process: First councelling session to parents to understand the expectations and our vision for the kid(s). Later they suggest us to visit the classes and explain their methodology to avoid assumpation and mismatch of expectations.

Be honest to tell your expectations as MONTESSORI is not purely acedemic centric, it deals with overall development of the kid to make him an independent and responsible individual.

Srinivas R

Pragnya is one of the best Schools I ever visited, teaching methodology is unique AND children love to go to school, When they love something, that's the place they learn everything. Overall environment, teachers, teaching methodology, child care etc.. is reliable and trustworthy. Its like giving a child, stress free environment and a beautiful youth to grow in such a place. My Kid is just 2.10 yrs old and by the things he does i feel proud to have him in Pragnya. All respects to principal sir and the teachers supporting Pragnya :).

Swapna Naidu

Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core.
Dr.Maria Montessori